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Weekly Pisces

Fish This Week

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This week is all about teamwork. As always, Pisces, you'll go with the flow.

You are now co-creating with the Universe. Traveling through your house of intuition and spirituality, these two planets allow you to access abundance. It starts with having a clear vision of what you want and then actively praying, meditating, or journaling about the process it will take to bring it out. Pisces, the final step might be a real-world phone call, an email, or an announcement to friends and family.

Also on Sunday, Mercury in Aquarius squares your house of visions, North Node and South Node. You may meet someone today who can change the direction of your life. This could be through a conversation with an acquaintance or a podcast you're listening to. This is important information. Try to avoid clicking on the next show or video. Instead, stop and write down the information you received. Pisces, write down your insights on a piece of paper and put them under your pillow so you can imagine it better.