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Weekly Cancer Zodiac Sign

Crab This Week

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Cancer, you're in great demand this week, but not quite on your terms.

It's like everyone around you has changed their mind. Cancer, you thought you knew what you were doing and suddenly everyone wants something different for breakfast, changes the schedule or wants to involve other people. Your best bet is to deal with these changes, even if you're upset that what you've prepared is no longer what people want.

Also on Sunday, Mercury in Aquarius squares North Node and South Node in your house of money and investment. You may be looking at your long-term financial picture now. Perhaps you are considering inflation, the future of decentralized banking, or how you can come together to start your own business. And it's all about adjusting today's actions to have a brighter future. Cancer, you can start with a written budget or sit down with your investment-savvy uncle and listen to his advice. A few small steps today can set you on the path to prosperity.