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Weekly Scorpio Horoscope

This Week Scorpio

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You may meet many new people this week.

You know what it's like to suddenly flash brake lights and a winding road sign ahead as Scorpio is sailing for a great time on the highway. You have to get off the highway with everyone, Scorpio, old projects are changing and new projects are being introduced. Someone wants to automate what you're doing or eliminate what you're working on. And some people around you make changes just because they're bored. It's a wild and crazy world.

Also on Sunday, Mercury in Aquarius in your house and family's house squares to the North Node and South Node. You may be thinking about your family's past and future today. Scorpio, you remember when your kids were younger or you think your parents are getting older. It's a good day to make long-term plans. See if you have enough insurance, put money in your pocket or think about where you can retire. And then turn yourself in that direction and start moving forward.