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Weekly Gemini Horoscope

Gemini This Week

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What you want is a little closer. Gemini, you see a way forward.

Now you seem to be on a faster track, like being on one of the bustling sidewalks at the airport. Gemini, you have an easier way to achieve your goal. This is because of the network of helpful individuals you already know, who are starting to come out of the woodwork with offers of help. These could be people you know from school or from your travels. If you're looking for advice, start by asking your friends.

Also on Sunday, Mercury in Aquarius squares your house of world affairs, North Node and South Node. Now you may be taking a long look at things in relation to your personal future. You may be looking all over the world for great places to live or places to connect for work or a new career. Gemini, you can look at the stability of where you currently live and what their expectations are financially and socially. This will allow you to orient yourself in one direction.