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Weekly Libra Horoscope

Libra This Week

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Social invitations abound. Libra, you're the beauty of the ball.

Now your social knife score can go up. You can receive invitations from the right and left. Friends are coming out of a long hibernation and want to socialize. Your dance card can quickly fill up with group meetings, social engagements, and opportunities within the community. You are now in your element.

Also on Sunday, Mercury in Aquarius in your house of romance and adventure squares with North Node and South Node. Today, you will have a bird's eye view of your romantic future. If you're in a love affair, this might be time to think about what you can do on a daily basis that is fun, flirty and keeps the flames of passion alive. Libra, if you are looking for love, you may find that the actions you take today will bring you a real connection in the future. It could be about getting fit and healthy, expanding your circle of friends, or even hooking up with a matchmaker.